Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kirsten Francis' (Youth Worker) understanding of other power

Kirsten Francis, Youth Worker
I see other power in my life to manifest in three ways:
1. Patterns: with life’s ups and downs I am able to keep perspective by remembering that whatever’s going on is part of a pattern, an up or down, and will pass.
2. Circumstance and context: I get stressed with my boss because he undermines what I do. When I see what is going on within a wider context I am better able to realise that I can not change the situation on my own, that when I get stressed it is about me thinking that if I try harder or improve then the way he is will stop or I will be able to push through changes in the department that I think will make things better. By keeping the bigger picture in mind I realise that my own contribution is limited and I become more realistic and caught up in struggling. I become more realistic, less self obsessed, more clear thinking and relaxed.
3. Time: gives me hope because it heals, it means things will pass."


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